Infection Control

24/7 'Always On' Protection

Hospitals across Europe use our protective covers on keyboards and laptops for infection control purposes. Designed to repel liquid spills, dust, dirt, blood and other hazardous agents. Made from high quality Polyurethane, our products are designed to stay in place during use.

See here how our covers work and why they can support your infection control policy.

Free testing Sample for Hospitals

Contact us today and try yourself!

Hospitals can qualify for a free testing sample Keyboard or Laptop Cover to try and see how our product feels and works. Test it using your hospital's cleaning liquid to convince yourself it will not influence the 100% latex free polyurethane that we use. Please send us an e-mail using your hospital's e-mail ID and describe in detail your keyboard or laptop brand, model and shape of the return key. Our sales department can be reached here.