Full surface coverage & custom designed to fit entire surface of notebook including all keys, touch pad and wrist area.

24/7 Protection

Keeps notebook free from liquid spills, dust, food, oil grease, sand, moisture, children, pets, your home, work environment, bacteria/flu and aides in infection control.

Safe to Clean & Disinfect
flu & infection control aid

Disinfects quickly with your own cleaner or the popular disposable germicidal wipes thus greatly reduces the spread of infection, bacteria - flu bug.

Wipe down serveral times per day in seconds (no need to remove cover to disinfect).

Stop Damage to Key Caps

No more removing or breakage of key caps.

Why are we the best in the world?

Custom Molded
Each make and model of notebook is custom molded for very custom precise fit. Not a silicone universal cover from China that are floating all over the web & Ebay that just does not measure up in quality or durability. Made of high tech Polyurethane 100% latex free.

Easy On/Off
Installs in minutes. (see our very informative installation and general information product video).

Stays firmly in place at all times even when lid is closed. Does not slip and slide around like the universal silicone covers.

Made in the USA
We are the only notebook cover company that manufactures laptop covers, keyboard covers and screen protectors that are 100% manufactured in the USA for guaranteed quality and custom orders for low quantities.

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