Protect your computer display against scratches and make it easy to clean with our Screen Protector.

As we custom produce the Screen Protector for different monitor sizes, we can offer a solution for every computer display and smaller LCD/Plasma TV screens.

Using a small line of light adhesive on the edges you can place the Screen Protector on the display. This adhesive is strong, yet it will come off when you would want to remove the Screen Protector again.

Where to use

The Screen Protector is made from 'soft plastic'. Because of the powerful protection of this material, the product is a solution for a wide variety of branches. Also, our Screen Protector is suitable to be used on a Touchscreen display!

Organizations and business that use our Screen Protectors right now are for instance:
  • hospitals
  • schools
  • industry
  • warehouses
  • courier companies (mobile devices!)
  • workshops
  • restaurants and bars

See our Product Videos for more details and moving product images! Click here.